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makingtroubleLARGESabrina, always one of Trouble’s biggest fans, doesn’t quite know how she found herself engaged to uber-sexy rock star Rob Burns–it all happened so fast! Not only does he want her to marry him, he wants her to join the band, too!

But the whole world seems to be against them, from Rob’s crazy ex-wife to a band who believes Sabrina is Trouble’s own Yoko Ono.

When Sabrina uncovers a dark, long-kept secret, it turns their lives completely upside-down, and Rob and Sabrina have to decide if their relationship is worth all the trouble.


“I want this for you,” he said softly as I bandaged his fingers, using gauze and antiseptic and tape. “For us.”

“I know. I want it too.” It was true. I wanted it more than I could say. I’d left so much behind for it—for Rob, for our life together, for our dreams of writing songs and playing together. “But maybe… maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.”

I met his eyes, feeling it pass between us, that horrible knowing. We’d both had plenty of experience with things that just weren’t meant to be, with terrible loss and painful letting go.

“I just feel like the whole world is against me. Against us.”

I didn’t say anything to refute him. Sometimes I felt that way too.

“You’ve got me.” I stood, putting my arms around his neck, feeling his hands move to my hips. “I’ve got you. What else do we really need?”

“A magic wand.” He sighed, nuzzling his face into my t-shirt, against the swell of my breasts. “I want a magic wand.”

“You have one.” I smiled slyly, sliding a hand down between his thighs where I found him stirring.

“Brat.” His mouth opened over my t-shirt, tonguing my nipple through it, sending bright, hot sensations through my limbs.

“Lunch is waiting for us.” Daisy—Rob’s personal chef—had called up before Tyler arrived, telling us food was waiting on the patio. My stomach growled.

“It can wait.” He pulled my t-shirt and bra up, eyes brightening at the sight of me topless. “I’m hungry for you.”

No matter what, we could always do this. Loving Rob always felt right. Even after we’d lost Esther, our tiny baby, born too soon, there was no hesitation, no fear. We came together like two beings separated down the middle, meant to be joined, connected, always. We’d both cried that first time, both during and afterward, our union made even sweeter, somehow, by our loss. He kissed me and loved me then, just like he did now, as if there was no other woman in the world who could satisfy him.

His mouth caught mine and he kissed me to the bed, trapping me happily beneath him. I took his full weight, wrapping my legs around his waist as if, by pulling him to me, I could get more of him still. He was my everything, my whole universe, and when we were like this, he made everything else fall away. There was no real world out there—just us. There were no fans, no agents, no record labels, no assistants. No tabloids to cover the story of his crazy ex wife wailing about losing her husband to a lascivious fan. Even the good things—Tyler and Katie, my best friend in the world—seemed ephemeral and were lost.

Nothing mattered but this. Him. Us.

And there weren’t words. We didn’t need them. Not anymore. His body and mine moved together. It was like dancing but the music was always new, fresh, bright and hot. Our clothes melted away. Jeans, t-shirts, underwear, gone in a murmur, with the yank of a wrist. He entered me always like it was the first time, my sex clenching around him, welcoming him home.

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